Posted by: majubahill | January 29, 2012

Down ,but not out.

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Not a good day at all for this blog and we are  still licking our wounds from the hiding dished out to us. The  day started in a positive manner with Jackie Solitaire going down by a nose at 10/1.After that it was all downhill.Royales Charter was going well when, for the second Saturday in a row, he found himself on the floor.Diamond Harry failed to sparkle and finished out of the money behind the impressive Midnight Chase.Pret A Thou tried to make the running but was soon swallowed up and finished unplaced.Corkage held on for third  thus saving a bit of our stake in that race.Finally Knight Pass was unable  to save our hides and  his defeat  compounded a miserable day for us .We  are down but certainly ,not out.We shall rebound and will give ,in equal measure, that which has been given to us .We are not  alone in our misery.We are not the only one’s to take a hammering  over the course of this weekend. The English Cricket Team , the Indian Cricket Team, even Manchester United ,they all suffered shattering defeats at the hands of their opponents.I’m sure they will all rebound at some  stage or another.So we accept our losses on the day and move on.Anyway,there will be no selections today as nothing  on the cards appeals to us.We’ll be back {God willing] tomorrow  with selections for Monday’s card.


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